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Scalable - We can bring on major production at low Capex and Opex

Consistent - Our SOP's ensure we produce the same premium quality products

Non-Seasonal - We grow all year long and Cannabis is not a seasonal product

Virtually Recession-proof -There is always going to be a demand for relief

Consumable - There is always a need to replenish the supply

Completely Organic -Always taking the consumer's health into consideration

Vertically-Integrated -We control the entire process from seed to sale

Eco-Friendly - We are environmentally conscience while also eco-sustainable 

Natur Bazaar is building a business that is:

Our Cannabis Projects

Our four Cannabis projects are:

P1 - Medium Scale CBD Production

P2 - Large Scale CBD Production

P3 - Other Cannabinoids Production

P4 - Cannabis hemp and plant-based products

Project1 Preparations:

1. We have successfully added many interested, unlicensed, soon-to-be licensed and already licensed land owners and companies to our canopy through our collaboration models.

2. We now have farming LOI's with interested members with current, licensed land potential of 50 Ha. A total land potential of +30,000 Ha is under discussion for our future projects in various regions of Colombia. 

3. We have quotations from vendors for pre-fabricated and certified labs; emulated supercritical ethanol extraction equipment; university and third-party testing collaborations; drug-discovery and product design R&D collaboration and exportation worked out. 

4. We have an LOI of purchase from an American distributor and are in discussion with clients from Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, S.Africa, UK, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay and Australia. We shall start preparations to move into asian markets during our business phase2 (India and south-east Asia).

5. We have a core-team in place with highly experienced members who have the most suitable backgrounds for their position and our Cannabis projects. 

6. We are in discussion with other potential investors and are seeking funds. We haven't been able to confirm our funding channel and are currently open for offers. 

7. Some of our potential farming members are in the process of building out their facilities and others are looking towards us for financial assistance

With multiple, collaborative sources of our produce, global potential-client base, a highly experienced team, well researched plans, diversified project base, pre-launch preparations in place and relatively less competition in the Colombian-Cannabis Industry, we are poised to become global idol in the Cannabis Industry.  

Check out our Project1 preparations and some of our potential members' farms in the gallery below:

Member farm - BioFanatic
Member farm - BioFanatic
Member farm
Member farm Biofanatic
CEO at ExpoMedeweed
Member farm
Member farm
Member farm - Biofanatic
Member farm - Biofanatic

Project1 Teaser