Manufacturing projects' Management (planning, execution,    installation & commissioning, handovers) *

Administration (Founder and advisor, Cannabis NGO    SIIHA, Bangalore, India) *

Administration (Founder and tech-director, Automatedworld    services, Bangalore) *

Technocrat (Automation Engineering and Robotic-    manufacturing expert)  *


EPC, Processing plants, Robotics and Automation project planning,


execution and handover *

Indian Industrial Hemp legalization advocacy in Karnataka, India *



Mohammad Hassain

Founder & CEO 

A veteran from a Colombian farming family and an Educator *

 He has a strong network in the farming sector of Colombia *


Provides risk management, bureaucrat networking, legal counsel support, planning, accountability checks and execution *


+20 years of Agriculture and Field Ops management experience


in Quindo, Colombia *

Juan Carlos Chitiva Quiceno

Field Operations Manager, Colombia 

A veteran chemical scientist and botanical molecule analyst *

+14 years of experience in chemical sciences. Investigator at


Universidad Nacional de Colombia in extraction of Cannabis


derivatives *

Dr. Yasmin Valero 

Chief Scientific Officer (prospective)

A veteran cannabis breeder, botanist and grow expert *

+13 years of Cannabis Growing and Grow Ops management experience * 

Daniel R Maxwell  

Chief Grower, Cannabis (prospective)

A veteran molecular biologist and plant Biotechnologist *


+8 years BioTech and Molecular Plant Biology work *


Currently working on his Phd in Portugal *


Previously, manager of Cannabis and Aromatic products


development company in Colombia *

Dr. Luis H G Silva

Chief BioTech Officer (prospective)

*Business administrators

*Business Lawyers

*Scientists, R&D partners (Uni Antioquia medellin, Unillanos)

*Cannabis Cultivators (Co-Op)

*Genetics and plant breeding experts

*Extraction partner

*QA-QC partner 

*Processing plant manager

*Farm workforce

*Exportation partner

Project Team